It’s back! The Great Vancouver Adventure continues!

Hi everyone,

It’s been what, 2 years now since I last updated this category with a post about Vancouver? Well, we’re back…

…that is, Tiffany and I are back in Vancouver. We found a nice apartment in Burnaby within walking distance of EVERYTHING! Seriously, we get a 94 Walkscore.

The apartment has lots of room and light. There’s a heated outdoor swimming pool (as big as a stamp) and it has a big garden around it with two barbecues and a badminton court. You can find some pictures on Facebook and on the Walkscore link above.


Tiffany & Dietbrand

Vancouver Goodbye Tour

I didn’t know when I would be back to Vancouver. I knew I was going to miss the city so I went around the Seawall one more time. Still my favorite walk without having to resort to a car or bike to get there.

Enjoy, as these will probably be the last pictures for a long time.

Golden Ears Provincial Park

While these shots are not my best work, I feel I learn something every time I take up my camera. In this case, I learned that parks are goddamn creepy! Seriously, this park creeped me the hell out. There was hardly anyone around and it was even one of the easier trails in there. There was a rock face, whispering, incessantly dropping pebbles. It created an eerie atmosphere. I will never forget it…

Ooooh yes, I will be back.

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Ladner Harbour Park

This park isn’t even on the (omniscient and all-powerful) Google Maps thingamajig. For people interested, it’s 4905 McNeely’s Way.

Well, that day I learned something about shooting straight up into a grey sky. As you can see in the first shots, there’s not a lot of contrast. While I shot in RAW again, I’m still not comfortable fixing my mistakes in Photoshop or Lightroom (read: lazy). I increased the Exposure by 2 full stops (EV +2.0) and this made the shots more contrasty-ish 🙂

Before I make a complete tool of myself, any ornithologist wanting to identify the birds in the shots, drop me a line.


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Chinese New Year Parade

Let us celebrate the year of the horse. And my first attempt at street photography with people. All of these pictures were taken using a 50mm Sigma lens (my christmas present), wide open (f/2.8). This makes subjects susceptible to blur but I’m happy with the results. I just wish they’d do this parade in the afternoon. I bet the sights would have been spectacular during “golden hour”.

I also shot in RAW+jpeg but I only used the jpegs. I’ll keep the RAW files for experiments in Lightroom or Aperture.

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